not a girl, not yet a woman

I don’t have any time to watch TV here in Buenos Aires….I don’t have time for ANYTHING.  But on the rare occasion that I have a few moments to go brain-dead in front of the boobtube, I find myself drawn to one particular show – MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.

If you’re unfamiliar, the series devotes each episode to a young teen mother in the last month of her pregnancy and the first few months of motherhood.  We witness the family drama of these unwed mothers, and the emotional ride of being forced to become an adult.

My interest in the show maybe seems a little bizarre.  I’m certainly not a teenager, and I know motherhood is far off for me.  I’ve become interested in the show not just because smutty nonfiction is a captivating genre, but because I relate these poor teenage mothers.  These young women are being forced to ‘grow up’ when they still feel like kids.  The real world approaches whether they are ready or not.  I can’t help but identify with that feeling.

I feel like a kid who was suddenly dropped into the adult world.  Trying to find a balance between youthful interests and adult responsibilities takes its toll.  Just like on 16 and Pregnant, life has joy and pain, drama and disappointment, adventures and possibilities.

Heres a link to the show website:


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