A last note to consider about teaching English

Teaching English has a pretty high burn out rate.  It isn’t for everybody, especially if you want an easy job with a lot of free time.  However for those who have a knack or are interested in this type of work, it has a lot of freedom and can be really satisfying.  Seeing your students’ progress, knowing that what you’re teaching them is doing something to enrich their lives or careers can provide a great personal satisfaction.  At the end of the day you feel like you really worked hard.  You aren’t locked in an office all day, or tied to a desk or computer or phone.  You get to interact with interesting people, discuss current events, art, politics, sports, etc.   Your perspective of life will expand.  You will gain amazing conversational skills and become completely comfortable communicating in multicultural/lingual situations.  It may not offer good money, but that’s because it is not the type of job for someone who values money above anything else.  If you have an adventurous spirit, an open mind and a heart for people, you might like it.

Another great benefit of teaching English is that it allows you to travel across the globe.  You will make enough money to stay abroad, and you have a valid respectable reason to do so.  While it doesn’t have much potential for career longevity, many use teaching English as a starting point to pursue their real passions.  The English teachers you meet will be interesting people with other projects – aspiring writers, international entrepreneurs, ambitious academics, rolling stones and global jetsetters.  Of course, in general they’re a pretty down to earth group too.


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