A Day in Palermo Viejo

In my mind there are two different worlds in Buenos Aires – Capital, and Palermo.  Sometimes they feel as different as night and day.  I live in Capital, and when I get a craving for glamour – I go to Palermo.  Palermo is technically a part of Capital, but it could not be more different than the majority of the city.

I went for lunch at Marc’s Deli with some girlfriends.  The deli is the closest you can get to standard American lunch fare in Buenos Aires.  The chalkboard menu boasts numerous gourmet salads and sandwiches, specialized coffee drinks and an impressive display of pastries, including some very creative cupcake flavors like nutella.  The place was busy with a very cosmopolitan crowd.

The girls split a blended mint lemonade.  Very refreshing.

I ordered a goatcheese, apple and rucula sandwich, but instead they brought me chicken, tomato and mushrooms with dijon mustard.  I didn’t realize the mistake until after I took a bite, and I liked this sandwich enough to not complain.

After our lunch we went shopping in boutique stores in the area.  We tried on designer clothes for hours.  I was particularly fond of Delaostia.  The store is enormous, painted blindingly white and blaring French hip hop.  The clothes are somewhat outrageous, but sometimes unbelievably beautiful.  I was obsessed with this floral floor length skirt.  The silk was so soft and fell elegantly to the floor while maintaing a beautiful contoured shape.  I did not want to take it off.  I did not purchase it, only for lack of appropriate floor length skirt occasions.

After a glamourous day in Palermo, I went back home to Capital, it might not be as glamourous or overtly wealthy as Palermo, but to me it’s the best place to live.

Marc’s Deli & Coffee House

El Salvador 4701

4832- 6244



El Salvador 4625



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2 Responses to A Day in Palermo Viejo

  1. Gaby says:

    I love Palermo viejo! many good places to eat. I wish I had found this deli! Have you been to La Esquina de las Flores? They have great food and prices and a store with to go items too. I stocked up on empanadas every time I went, they have really good bean or tofu ones! Closer to capital I really loved Sattva off of Corrientes and Montevideo.

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