5 Favorite Things Taxi Drivers Do


5. Fake out!

Taxi drivers especially are known for aiding the circulation of counterfeit bills.  Try to use smaller bills to pay, so receiving counterfeit change can be avoided.  Learn how to identify fake bills by the paper and watermark.  Fake bills are very common, and will only cause trouble if the bill is larger than ten pesos.

4. Why you gotta give me the run around?

When taxi drivers hear your accent, they take the risk that you don’t know your way around the city and will take you to your destination the longest way possible.  I hope you can detect my sarcasm, this surely is not one of my favorite things, but it has happened more than once.

3. Fast and the Furious Auditions.

It does not take long to see that the traffic in Buenos Aires is unregulated and chaotic.  As cliched as it sounds; some taxi drivers are crazy drivers.  They speed, weave through traffic, run red lights and cut people off.  Sometimes acting terrified in the backseat only encourages this behavior.

2. Where there is smoke … there is a cigarette.

Nothing like getting smoke blown in your face through an open window.  People smoke.  Taxi drivers included.  It is getting harder and harder to tolerate.

1. Are we on Argentinean Idol?

I love it when taxi drivers badly mispronounce and butcher favorite classics.  “Te gusta Rod Stewart?”  Not anymore.


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2 Responses to 5 Favorite Things Taxi Drivers Do

  1. Zack says:

    As in Paris and Madredful (madrid) I learned to write down my destination on paper… then pass to the driver and claim to be deaf… They never took advantage and got me where i needed quickly and never noticed!

    I will be trying this in BA!

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