La Recoleta Cemetery

Possibly the most amazing sight in the city is Recoleta Cemetery, the finally resting place of many a famous Porteño, most notably Eva Peron.  (Although urban-legend has it that her body has been secretly removed.)

Very different from our plot-like American cemeteries and evocative of Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris, Recoleta is stuffed full of neoclassical family tombs and ornate art-deco sanctuaries.  Stone facades crumble from age and neglect, and cats slink around in the shadows.  The cemetery is a calm place of reflection, full of beautiful architecture and sculpture, but spooky enough to keep one very entertained.

Photos by Clare.

La Recoleta Cemetery

Agüero 2502

4806 9825‎

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3 Responses to La Recoleta Cemetery

  1. Marcelo Melamed says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the people that you call homeless in your posts, are actually not homeless, they are very poor people trying to make a living.
    i find offensive that you call them homeless, putting them in the same level of the drunken, lazy, drugaddicts homeless of the US.
    Maybe they look very dirty and that’s why you compare them with american homeless, because you probably never saw real poor people in America ever.

    • Hi Marcelo,

      Thanks for bringing this up. By homeless I simply mean ‘without a house’. When I refer to the cartoneros as homeless, I did not mean to bring any other negative connotation along with it (like dirty, or drug abusers). I know that cartoneros work hard, and the fact that many of them still sleep on the street despite working breaks my heart.
      I did not intentionally draw comparisons to US homeless people – who to be fair, are not all “drunken lazy drug addicts” either. Thanks for the reminder that we should all show more compassion.

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