Winter Break!

I have had enough of reading my friends’ summer facebook status updates!

“Suzy Q has a sunburn.”          “Joey is going to the beach.”

I cannot tell you how painful reading each one of those summer posts has been for me as I experience truly the worst winter ever. The weather itself hasn’t been so extreme, but never before have I felt so exposed to the elements! Running around from class to class I have been caught in more than one torrential downpour. And my gorgeous house, with its high ceilings, exposed brick and floor to ceiling windows is FREEZING. It is usually colder inside than outside. My space heater and coffee machine are solely responsible for my winter survival.

I became so enraptured in my jealousy of missing summer, that I neglected to appreciate the season at hand – WINTER! Winter may not be as nice as summer, but it still has winter only benefits that I wasn’t appreciating. After all, isn’t it such a nice feeling to cozy up in a down comforter with a hot drink and a book on a cold winter day? Or cook your favorite warm winter foods? And to really make the best of winter weather – there is nothing better than participating in some winter sports! Like SKIING!

Looking stylish as I ski with my little bro in the backyard

I donned my first pair of skis at a really young age – first skiing in the backyard with my little brother, and then starting lessons at our local mountain resort. I remember how terrifying my first lesson was. It was a foggy day, and I had a hard time adjusting my depth perception through my foggy goggles. I was cold and I couldn’t recognize anyone in their coats and hats. The ski instructor told me to make a pizza wedge with my skis and pushed me down the mountain.

Now almost two decades later, I couldn’t be happier that I learned how to ski, however terrifying it was, because I am going skiing next week. In Chile!

My parents are coming down for the week and we are going to enjoy the best that winter has to offer in Portillo, Chile.  This mountain resort in the Andes, near Santiago de Chile is where the Olympic team trains in the summer.

Check it out:


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