San Telmo Shokudo

Until recently, I was not so excited about sushi in Buenos Aires, which usually consists of simple salmon rolls or nigiri.

On Wednesday night I tried Shokudo and my faith in Buenos Aires Sushi has been restored!

San Telmo Shokudo was a lovely reminder of why I like sushi.  Located upstairs in an unassuming corner building, Shokudo is a little Japanese oasis.  The expansive dining room is modestly decorated in a traditional style.  For a moment I felt as if I was back at my favorite sushi place in the States.  They even have a sushi bar in the back corner.  Our group split a big beautiful combo of gorgeously arranged sushi.  It was delicious.  Unfortunately the wasabi had almost no kick, which was to be expected here in Buenos Aires, where spice is avoided.

a hot towel was a nice way to start the meal

this piece had strawberry! yum

pretty appetizer

San Telmo Shokudo

Defensa 910

(11) 4361-9227


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