Chilean Fruit Mystery

While exploring Santiago, Chile, we came across an open market loaded with fruit stands.  Being the lover of fruit stands that I am, I had to look.  I was surprised by what I saw – several fruits that I had never seen before in my life.  I was intrigued by this anthropological culinary mystery.  Se we purchased the mystery fruits for sampling and research.


We also found these tiny mandarin oranges.  So sweet, juicy and delicious, plus they are seedless and bite-size.  We bought two kilos for what ended up being USD$1.  What a deal.  So does anyone know what these fruits are?




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One Response to Chilean Fruit Mystery

  1. Grace says:

    Well – the green prickly thingy is a cactus fruit or prickly pear. The dirty brown thing with white flest and big black pips is a custard apple and the orangy thing looks like a pomegranate?? All very yummy.

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