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5 Favorite Things I Just Don’t Understand

Dear Porteños, Try as I might, I just don’t understand you, and I’ve been wondering: 5. Is That Your Real Nose? Walking around Buenos Aires, you might wonder why everyone is covered in bandages.  With socialized medicine making plastic surgery … Continue reading

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5 Normal Things I Wouldn’t Do as a Tourist in Buenos Aires

Coming to a new culture made me realize some of the norms that I took for granted.  Here is some advice if you’re thinking about touring BA: 5. Drive When I visited Chile in August with my parents, my Dad … Continue reading

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Caprese Empanadas

We made these treats for Meghan´s Birthday Asado! Ingredients: 12 empanada pastry sheets 1 ripe tomato, cut into 12 wedges 12 balls of fresh mozerella Fresh basil leaves Shredded cheese blend Balsalmic vinagrette Salt and Pepper to taste Directions: Marinate … Continue reading

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Meghan’s Birthday Asado

Forget Halloween, we had a birthday to celebrate! And by celebrate, I mean eat a lot of food!  Asado time!!  Lets get serious about some meat. Lenny, gracious host extraordinaire, made the best asado that I have had yet.  (Including … Continue reading

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The Unintentionally Patriotic Birthday Cake

Meghan turned 25 on Saturday!  Happy Birthday! So of course, Laura and I made her a cake. The cake was made from the exact same recipe as the Nesquik Zucchini Bread.  Only it was baked in a cake dish, not … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

I love harvest time and halloween, but it is springtime in BA, so the holiday didn’t have the same appeal. I thought I would be exempt from spooky tricks, but THIS guy showed up in my shower! I tried to … Continue reading

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