Meghan’s Birthday Asado

Forget Halloween, we had a birthday to celebrate!

And by celebrate, I mean eat a lot of food!  Asado time!!  Lets get serious about some meat.

Lenny, gracious host extraordinaire, made the best asado that I have had yet.  (Including of course the two asados that I hosted)  The beef was delicious, and the best part was the provoleta!

Provoleta is grilled, seasoned provolone cheese.  It is literally God’s gift to anyone who likes anything that is good on this planet.  I had some on a piece of freshly baked french bread.

damn, so good.

And we wouldn’t be good portenos if we didn’t have a glass of red wine to accompany all that steak.  Malbec is the go to vino.

We also made a ton of empanadas for appetizers.  The gourmet flavors included:

  • Caprese
  • Pumpkin Nut
  • Apple Onion Cheddar

They were a hit and all of them were devoured.

Fabulous evening.  Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Meghan!

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2 Responses to Meghan’s Birthday Asado

  1. Jessica says:

    que boluda.

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