Hurlingham Polo Tournament

Polo, the ‘Sport of Kings’ is still a popular pastime in Argentina.

There is surely no better place to find a Prince than a polo match!  Off we trotted to Hurlingham to see the Polo Match.  Semi Finals actually!

I wished I had researched the rules before I came.

Here is what I learned AFTER seeing my first polo match.

Two teams of four riders compete on a large grassy field.  The game is divided into eight seven minute long ‘chukkas’ or periods.  Like soccer, the game’s objective is to pass the ball though the goal posts as many times as possible.  However unlike soccer, the polo ball is the size of a fist, and the player must hit it with a long mallet while riding full speed on a horse.  This is obviously quite challenging, and results in a few accidents.

It is very entertaining to watch.  The game moves quickly, the players shout, and are sometimes bucked from their saddles.

When that happens, an ambulance drives onto the field.

The horses were my favorite part of the sport.  They were beautiful, and there were so many of them everywhere!

The crowd’s fashion sense was the epitome of understated classy.   It was probably the most preppy event I’ve participated in.  I guess they don’t call them ‘polos’ for nothing…

It is polo season in Argentina, so be sure to check out a match!  Or perhaps if you’re brave, try playing!


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2 Responses to Hurlingham Polo Tournament

  1. Mom says:

    Beautiful!! Are we going?

  2. Amy says:

    This looks great I want to go!! I spent more time at the Hipodromo watching horse races… another parent pleaser (though, somewhat surprisingly, you can’t drink while watching!)

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