Seen in the Grocery Store

Found in my grocery store: Lucchetti Box Rice: Diana Ross Flavored

Just what you need to make your meal Supremely awesome: Diana Ross inspired rice?

To explain (as much as I can anyway, to be honest, I’m baffled/amused): Ross pronounced with a Spanish accent would sound a lot like arroz, which is Spanish for rice.  That being said – I’m not sure why that makes it a relevant marketing scheme.  But what I really don’t understand is the image on the box.  Is that brown rice afro-ed caricature supposed to be Diana?  How is that appetizing?



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5 Responses to Seen in the Grocery Store

  1. Mom says:

    I love it! Obviously Argentina doesn’t do “politically correct”!!!

  2. Haha! Did you somehow miss the ubiquituous TV commercials over the winter? I think you need to see that for it to make more sense! Given the usual quality of Argentinian TV and advertising, I think it’s absolute genius.

    • razalba says:

      I love the Diana Arroz commercial too! But I think Argentine advertising, especially the TV commercials, are quite creative and very funny. Argentine firms have won a handful of international awards (including CLIOs) and are known worldwide for their ads.

  3. Paul Strobl says:

    The commercial definitely did give me a chuckle–DianARROZ 🙂

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