World Music Photography Tour Starts in BA!

I received an email about an interesting project the other day ….

The email was from James Goulden, a Dublin, Ireland based music photographer.  James has been photographing bands for the past ten years for both Irish and international press.  He has shot many European music festivals including Glastonbury and has also spent time on the road and in the studio documenting bands on tour and during recording.

Now his plan is to spend the next year traveling the globe.  Starting in South America, traveling next to Asia, and then Australia, James plans to photograph bands from every corner of the earth.

The trip begins on February third in Buenos Aires!  James hopes to find some bands who plan on doing some touring in Argentina during that month.  He wants to document band life on the road, on stage and everywhere in between.

So if you are a friendly Buenos Aires band looking for an amazing photographer with an international flair, look no further.  Represent Argentina and be apart of this project of a world perspective of music.

If you would like to learn more or be a part of James’s project, check out his website or contact him at


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2 Responses to World Music Photography Tour Starts in BA!

  1. daybf says:

    I love James Goulden’s work and am excited to see his project progress!

  2. aubles says:

    VIVI!!!! NAKI MOU!!! Girl, I am so a child in the blog world. It’s more just to keep my fam and friends updated on my travels – I had one in Greece too. But I can’t imagine it would be interesting to anyone else. BUT I would love to know how I can put a link to YOUR site on my blog. Because I don’t know how to do any of this computer stuff. Uploading pictures was even stretching it. I was pretty proud of myself to figuring that one out. Eek! Tu peux m’aider?

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