5 Things I WOULD Do as a Tourist

You may have read the post on ‘5 Normal Things I Wouldn’t Do As a Tourist’, about some safety precautions for Buenos Aires.  This post is about how to get the most from your time spent here!

5. Speak Spanish

Buenos Aires is a great place to practice your Español.  In general, Portenos are very patient with non native speakers.  English is widely studied throughout the city, so the temptation is high to use your native English.  But if you know a little Spanish – use it! Surely you will learn a lot more while you’re here.  If you want to practice before you come, check out this great learning application!

4. Get Your Tango On

Tango is what makes the city a romantic place.  You can see tango shows in theaters, or couples dancing for donations on the sidewalk, or maybe even take a lesson with the world’s best.  Enjoy street performances in San Telmo’s Plaza Dorrego while you sip some coffee.  Convince your cab driver to take you to a milonga if you really want to dance.  There are numerous tango dinner shows for tourists available.  Don’t forget that the tango is not only a dance, but also a wonderful music genre.  Tango musicians put on concerts, and there are many record stores specializing in tango albums.

3. Take a Tour

Unless you have studied South American history, you probably have a lot to learn about Buenos Aires, or at least I did.  Taking a tour is the best way to learn!  If you’re looking for a day tour try BuenosTours for personal walking tours with charasmatic guides, or maybe even a specialty tour planned to your individual tastes through WaySouth.

2. Adapt to the Time Schedule

The 9 – 5 world may be your regular schedule, but in BA time passes a little differently.  Try staying up later and seeing the city at it’s best – nighttime.  This means you can sleep in a little later too.  Buenos Aires in the early morning isn’t much to see, and if you go to bed too early, you’ll miss a lot.

Stay up late, sleep in late.  Or be a real Porteño and don’t sleep all week, and catch up on Sundays.

1. Eat Steak

Before I came to BA, I hadn’t been eating meat for a year, and was very happy that way.  But when in Rome…Buenos Aires, eat like the Porteños.  That means thick, juicy steaks. The copious amount of carne to be consumed here is almost obscene.  Take advantage of that.  This city is full of parrillas, where parrilleros slave over hot grills to prepare delicious meat for diner’s pleasure.  Check here for some restaurant reviews.


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2 Responses to 5 Things I WOULD Do as a Tourist

  1. stacy says:

    Great advice, Vina. Love your blog!

  2. Franco says:

    Thanks so much for the suggestions. I love your blog. I recently moved to Buenos Aires and your site has been very helpful.

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