Cumple Un Año!

Lucas and I celebrated our one year anniversary last Saturday night at La Cabrera!

I insisted on this place, because it is so good!  Featured in the NYTimes, it is quite the tourist hotspot.  Since it is usually crowded, we had to wait for a table.  While you wait they serve you a glass of champagne.

I love this restaurant, and always insist on coming here for special occasions.  The food is amazing, the ambience is wonderful, and I like eavesdropping on all the English speakers.

For dinner we split a bife de chorizo (sirloin) which was enormous and served with several small tasting portion side dishes, and a salad.  The best side dish was the steaming hot creamed spinach.  I recommend always splitting a meal at La Cabrera.  The portions are huge.

It was a very happy anniversary!

La Cabrera

José Antonio Cabrera 5099
4831 7002


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3 Responses to Cumple Un Año!

  1. Nandrin says:

    great restaurant, went there my first time in BA, hope to take my family there next week. and yes the portions are huge!

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