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5 Things I Love About This Video

5. This song is so sweet and romantic! 4. I like watching people cook, especially breakfast, as it is my favorite. 3. Finally a song that is super easy to sing along with! 2. So THATS how you cut a … Continue reading

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Empanadas de Espinaca

These empanadas are simple, and delicious.  A good meatless option. Ingredients: 12 empanada pastry sheets 1 package frozen spinach 3 tablespoons of sour cream 1 large green onion, minced 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese salt and pepper to taste Directions: In a … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Lunfardo

I once saw an episode of I love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel went on a road trip.  Something happened and the car broke down.  The gals got out and tried to fix the problem.  Lucy became frustrated and kicked … Continue reading

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Going To The Hospital In Spanish

The title of this post may sound silly, but anyone who has experienced this will understand. Going to the doctor was something I took for granted in the USA.  Growing up I was a patient of whatever doctor my parents … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Things To Do In San Telmo

San Telmo has a special old charm, that for me defines the romantic, alluring spirit of Buenos Aires.  The neo-classical facades of antique buildings are crumbling, only becoming even more magical and beautiful.  The most vividly abstract and surreal graffiti … Continue reading

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A Natural Lunch at b-Blue

Remember that time I went for cupcakes for a coworker’s birthday?  Well I should have mentioned that we all shared a lovely wholesome meal beforehand at Palermo’s lovely natural bar and deli: b-Blue. I’d walked past this place many a … Continue reading

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Brunch for Dinner!

This recipe is adapted from Cooking Light Rosti Casserole recipe. Ever since I was a kid, I loved having breakfast for dinner.  Since Argies aren’t big on hearty breakfasts, now breakfast for dinner is my best chance to eat brunch … Continue reading

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5 Worst Things About Teaching English

I think teaching English abroad can become a little too glamorized in some online forums, including my own blog.  While I had a blast spending the last year teaching English in Buenos Aires, it wasn’t always pleasant, and was sometimes … Continue reading

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It’s Electric

Someone once described Buenos Aires as an energy field.  As Lucas and drove me home this evening during an enormous electric storm I contemplated this.  The rain held off as colossal neon bolts lit up layers of gray nimbusi, creating … Continue reading

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