Sunday Brunch with the Girls at Flor de un Dia

We all know how I feel about brunch.  This Sunday’s 3pm ladies brunch at Flor de un Dia was particularly spectacular.  The weather is rainy, but inside this cozy and comfortable cafe, we had all the necessities.  Mainly, the paper:

And an enormous mug of coffee!  For a city where the coffee cups are small, this was quite the treat.

Flor’s breakfast menu is perfect!  All options come with a big coffee (see above), fresh squeezed orange juice and dish of your choice.  I had eggs and toast.  It is very possible that I ate all of the eggs before remembering to take a picture ….

Sara and Meghan tried the french toast, and fruited waffle. Solid orders all around.

Flor’s is a lovely cafe.  The perfect place to spend an afternoon sipping coffee and working, or brunching with friends.  Their lunch menu was also fantastic, but of course, for me it’s brunch or bust!  They had some delicious looking pastries on display ….

So I’ll have to return soon.  Flor’s was lovely – highly recommended.

Flor de un Dia

Cabello 3990



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4 Responses to Sunday Brunch with the Girls at Flor de un Dia

  1. brokeinBA says:

    Thanks for this recommendation — checked it out yesterday, adorable place. Waffles and large mugs of coffee (plus a purely Regina Spektor soundtrack), what’s not to love?

  2. Alicia says:

    I am so happy you enjoyed this place…. Meg and I stumbled (literally after a long night of fernets.. Im pretty sure I tripped on the steps) upon it when the place we were planning to go to was closed. The coffee was SOOO good and exactly what I needed… everything was cute and we got the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake to go… which I think we ate after another long night of vino. Hope to come back soon! ❤

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