Princess Tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel

Princess Andrea and Princess Vina took high tea together at the Alvear Palace Hotel in Recoleta.

I’ve always been one for stuffy hotels and the Alvear Palace is impossible to beat.  I love the way my heels clack when walking down their polished marble corridors.  I love fancy china spread across crisp white linen.  And I love when uniformed waitresses pour me a cup of rose hip tea.  Clearly I was in my natural habitat.

Tea is served in L’Orangerie, obviously.

Dre and I shared the tea, which is ideal, not because we cared about lady like portions but because all of the food was so rich.  We chose two different varieties of tea, which were served with scones and jam, and a heavenly assortment of finger sandwiches and mini cakes and tarts.

Tea is finished off with a large slice of cake, which you can choose from their gilded display case.  We had a pineapple cake with a layer of chocolate mouse covered in chocolate.  I don’t believe I’ve ever said this about a dessert before – but it was so rich and heavy that we couldn’t even finish it.

For all you other princes and princess out there – tea at the Alvear Palace is a very nice way to spend a special afternoon.

Alvear Palace Hotel

Avenida Alvear 1891

4808 2100


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3 Responses to Princess Tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel

  1. Tom says:

    Did the 2 of you share 1 tea?

  2. I am SO doing this next time I’m in BsAs!!!

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