Milion – Haunted Recoleta Mansion

Of all the bars in Buenos Aires, I have one favorite.  In fact this bar is so good that I have no need for any other.  It is called Bar Milion, and it is a beautiful bar and restaurant converted from an old mansion in Recoleta.  This gorgeously restored house is several stories of polished wood floors and high ceilings.  The best part?  The yard – a gorgeous flight of stairs cascades down into the secluded garden filled with candle lit seating.  The other best part?  The mansion is totally haunted.  They embrace the haunted theme, and when the lights aren’t flickering over the glowing marble bar, you might catch a glimpse of a black cat sulking around and sipping from a martini glass.  Nosh on tapas and sip on one of their signature house drink – which tastes like some strong mix between sangria and a mojito – while their live DJ spins music always at the perfect volume.  Milion is surely to become your favorite bar, which is why I’ve hesitated to tell you all about it.  See you there.


Parana 1048

4815 2295


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4 Responses to Milion – Haunted Recoleta Mansion

  1. It’s one of my faves too! Looove their mojitos.

  2. Margo Barton says:

    Great pictures and great article!! Loved this place!

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  4. Holly says:

    My favorite, too! Their Pisco Sours are to die for!

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