Chan Chan Cocina Peruana

Not going to Peru?  You should still try Peruvian food!

A refreshing, almost exotic retreat from the ‘carbs and carne’ dominated Argentine cuisine; Chan Chan is a great place to get a taste of delicious Peruvian cuisine.

Chan Chan’s colorful interior is welcoming, yet modest.  Kitschy murals decorate the walls, while shiny plastic figurines of religious figures watch over the dining room from high shelves.  The lively atmosphere and great service make Chan Chan a nice place to dine, but the food is what really draws in customers.

Chan Chan’s menu is extensive, and full of fish, lamb and rabbit dishes. If you’re seeking the quintessential Peruvian dish, try the ceviche.

Ceviche, a dish consisting of marinated raw fish is a Peruvian specialty.  The bite-sized bits of tender fish are flavorful and spicy, accented with hot red peppers and crunchy onions.  The wildly flavorful fish is accented with corn and sweet potato.

Those afraid of consuming uncooked fish should note that the citrus marinade pickles the fish, essentially cooking it without heat; so eating ceviche is perfectly safe.  If the spicy ceviche overwhelms the taste buds, nothing cools them off like a pisco sour.

The pisco sour, a concoction of pisco, lime juice, simple syrup topped with beaten egg whites is a must try.  A debate exists as to which country in South America has the best pisco sours, and Chan Chan defends Peru’s position fiercely with a foamy, sweetly citrusy, perfectly executed drink.

Heading North to Machu Picchu may not be on the itinerary, but be sure to enjoy some Peruvian cuisine!

Chan Chan

Hipolito Yrigoyen 1390


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  1. Roberto says:

    The focus on those piscos screams second round….artsy!

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