Now What Argentina

I recently discovered an amazing multi-media website that captures some particularly interesting dynamics and stories of Argentina post economic collapse.  The site is the project of UNC-Chapel Hill journalism students. 

Here is a description in their own words:

UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication announces the release of Now What Argentina?, a collection of student-produced multimedia stories about life in Buenos Aires nearly a decade after the most devastating economic crisis in Argentina’s history.
In 2001, Argentina’s economy collapsed, leading to deep economic and social disruption. But the Argentinean people are resilient, with a fierce spirit of determination. Now What Argentina? explores the history of this crisis, the adaptations of the people, and the enduring Argentinean culture.
The site’s debut follows a month-long foreign reporting assignment in which UNC-Chapel Hill journalism students collaborated with Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina journalism students to produce a dynamic multimedia website detailing the lingering effects of the country’s economic crash. This project not only raises awareness of Argentina’s struggles to a broad international audience but also illuminates the financial crises that are currently challenging people around the globe.
The project includes photos, audio, video, 360º panoramic photos, information graphics and design to examine the lasting effects of the 2001 economic collapse. The stories range from political violence and drug addiction to tango and soccer and much more.
The stories of the people and their city make up Now What Argentina, a documentary multimedia project that examines the fall, recovery, and continued challenges of a nation.

Check it out for yourselves.  As a documentary fanatic, I loved the short glimpses into personal stories about cumbia music, tango, etc.



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