Day Clicker Photo Tours!

Tourism and photography go hand-in-hand.  Buenos Aires is one of the most photogenic cities in the world with it’s street art, beautiful architecture and lively street fairs.

Photographer Amelia McGoldrick was inspired by the city on a visit here last year.  During a city tour she noticed how many tourists didn’t realize the full potential of their big fancy cameras.  So she started Day Clicker Photo Tours to teach tourists how to get the most from their travel photos.

Day Clicker offers street photography tours to tourists and photography enthusiasts who want to take home amazing pictures to remember Buenos Aires.  Private tours can be booked for groups or individuals of all ages.

The tour lasts five hours and lunch is included.  During the tour you will learn about camera function, lighting and composition.  The tour consists of a guided photo shoot around San Telmo to explore the photogenic wonders of one of the most fascinating corners of the city.  Then in a review session, photos are loaded onto a laptop and edited.  The end result of professional looking photos to keep as a souvenir of your trip.

According to Amelia, good subject matter, unique perspectives and an emotional quality all make for a great photo.  I asked her for some tips on how to take better photos, and this is what she shared:

5. Light Up.  Use natural light for the best photos and be conscious of your light source.

4. Move.  Use your body and get interesting angles by crouching down, kneeling, shooting from the hips or even laying down.

3. Compose.  Place your subject in the frame in a different way.  Having the focus of your photo set off center makes for a more dynamic composition.

2. Witness. Open your eyes to your surroundings.  Interesting details make for interesting pictures.

1. Balance.  Look for color balance.  Colorful San Telmo with its vibrant street art will be ripe with inspiration!

So take your camera off automatic and step it up to a higher level!  Contact Amelia on her website DayClicker to set up a tour!


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  1. Cristina says:

    What a great idea! Next time, Liz should go ~

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