Cumple de Kris en Sarkis!

My wonderful coworkers have made it a tradition to celebrate birthdays together over long lunches at our favorite middle-eastern restaurant in Buenos Aires – Sarkis!

This time it was Kris’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Kris!  We shared a variety of appetizers.


Dolmades – grape leaves stuffed with rice.

Olives and hummus.


And chocolate mousse in lieu of birthday cake.

My absolute favorite part of Sarkis is the creepy amount of photos of a certain unattractive man – presumably Sarki himself.  It is unclear if the photos are some sort of tribute to his memory or just a manifestation of vanity.  Not that those things are mutually exclusive.

Sarkis is a local favorite and pretty crowded at dinner time, but the perfect spot for lunch.


Thames 1101



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