Big Meets Bigger Argentina

Los gordis van a la villa!  I came across this BBC non-fiction program about weight loss and cultural exchange, and found it to be very interesting and entertaining.  (There needs to be one word for interesting/entertaining.  Intertaining? Enteresting? )

The premise: two overweight Brits travel to Argentina, to eat asado and facturas with a family of Paraguayan immigrants, and then try milanesas and fried pasta (only in Argentina would such culinary genious abound) in the infamous Villa 31.  The travelers confront their own weight issues while seeing the lives and eating habits of Argentines, and are presented with gruesome health realities during a visit to a public hospital.

I can’t say that much of the program reminded me of my experiences in Argentina, (besides everyone calling eachother ‘gordito’) but I did find this to be very enteresting, so I thought I would share.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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