Night Clicker Photo Tour in Lively Las Cañitas!

Last week I attended an expedition to photograph the nightlife in Las Cañitas with Amelia McGoldrick of PhotoClicker fame!

Amelia, fun tour guide and resource-full teacher of photography, provides a set of creative clues to capture while exploring.  After getting expert advice on how to maximize my cameras potential and tips for how to photograph at night, we explored the lively neighborhood and practiced . At the end of the tour the group reviews the best shots.  I have always been shy about using my camera in public, and this was a very supportive environment for me to break out of my shell.  I didn’t do well with the clues, but these were some of the treasures my camera discovered:

Trees glowing:

Advertisements enticing:

Sweets tempting:

Children insisting:

Street lights glowing:

Smokers partaking:

And myself, photographing.  The Cañitas at Night tour is just one of many photo tours available with DayClicker.  Select the right one for you on their schedule.


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3 Responses to Night Clicker Photo Tour in Lively Las Cañitas!

  1. Such lovely photos and I need that dessert AHORITA!

  2. Alexa Verink says:

    Me encanta that last shot. Seems like the tour’s definitely worth it!

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