The BEST Workout Playlist

High on the top of my long list of life’s simple pleasures is my 7:00pm Wednesday evening group fitness class at my local gym.  A group of fifteen or so ladies joins together and jumps like no one is watching.  On mini trampolines we endure forty minutes of high intensity jumping.  It is without a doubt the silliest forty minutes of my week.

The workout is supposed to be something like this:

But if any of you have seen Argentine women at the gym, then you know, they don’t mess around.  These women come to the gym to WORK IT OUT.  They are seriously intense, and very skinny.

What keeps me jumping around like a fool?  The AWESOME playlist selected by one very scary middle-aged Argentine drill sergeant.  Even when I am sweating like crazy and my heart is pounding, and the sergeant asks if we care to do sit-ups I shout “No!  Seguimos saltando!”  (No – let’s keep jumping!)  Because the music is just that awesome, and even if it wasn’t awesome the volume level is louder than a space shuttle launch, which makes me nervous, which in turn makes me jump more.

Try to not jump to this playlist.  Go ahead, I dare you.

First we get warmed up with The Beach Boys.  This song was made for a mini trampoline.

Then we jump like a Maniac!

Personally, nothing makes me want to jump more than Chayanne, my latin pop-star boyfriend.

I wish this was a joke, but it isn’t, it’s The Eye Of The Tiger:

And then we get ‘free jump’ (the best part!) to some rocking cuarteto a la Rodrigo.  (enjoy those eyebrows)

So I don’t know what music normal people listen to when they work out… no, seriously, I have no idea.  But this mix makes for a pretty decent sweat session.  Trampoline not included.




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4 Responses to The BEST Workout Playlist

  1. Cristina says:

    Eye of the Tiger always gets me going!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Ha this whole post is ridiculous. Is trampoline jumping common? I never saw this. #argentinesecrets

    • today during class they played mambo #5 – THAT was ridiculous. I don’t think this jump class is common … I haven’t seen it anywhere else. pilates and spin are pretty ubiquitous

  3. Visioni says:

    I burned a good amount of calories laughing at this post!! But seriously, I think I need a new workout playlist! This one sounds great!!!

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