Sunday, Lovely Sunday

You know what?  I had an awesome weekend.

I spent Friday night surfing Pinterest (Follow me!), which is having a devastating influence on my social life.  I gave myself a particularly creative two-tone manicure.

Saturday night I dined with my amiga Jessica and other pretty people at Casa Mun, feasting on foods that are almost impossible to find in Buenos Aires.

Finally – sushi without cream cheese!

Sunday was definitely the highlight of the week, for three reasons:

1. Balcony views.

2. Mate with my amigas Nora and Meghan.  😀

3. Cinnamon rolls.  Made. From. Scratch.


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8 Responses to Sunday, Lovely Sunday

  1. Dear Vina,
    Did you make those Cinnamon Rolls?
    When are you coming home, i’m hungry!!!!

    • I DID make them! They took almost 5 hours – I couldn’t believe it! Definitely worth it. I’d like to come home for a visit soon. I’ll make you a cherry pie. Love you.

  2. Ruth Bosley says:

    Your cinnamon rolls look really delicious. Too many of those will be disastrous to your lovely figure!

  3. Cristina says:

    I can’t get over your teeth!

  4. Alexa says:

    I’m pretty sure you had the greatest Sunday ever. That balcony picture is GORGEOUS!
    Does your friend Jessica sing? I feel like I saw her perform for a bit at a hostel concert/gathering-type thing I went to in Recoleta somewhere.

  5. Yum…wish I had met you on my first spin through Buenos Aires! But I’d probably be 10 lbs fatter now.

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