Yoga Classes in Buenos Aires

Paying it forward to the other yoginis:

Valle Tierra

Plaza Armenia.  Ashtanga and other sacred traditions.  Warm Rooms.  Crowded locker space.  Great 1hr 15 minute classes.

Buena Onda

Canitas, Recoleta, San Telmo.  Moonlit yoga sessions.  Classes offered in English.  Private instructors available.

Buenos Aires Bikram

Ave Las Heras.  The twenty six postures in the Bikram sequence in a one hundred and six degrees.

Metodo de Rose

Locations around the city.  Strong community of practitioners.  Dance like posture sequences.

Any other good places I should check out?



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10 Responses to Yoga Classes in Buenos Aires

  1. hi there, Happy Sun Yoga is another one (like Buena Onda) where they offer classes in English. You can also get a Thai massage. They’re in Recoleta on French:

    Mass Yoga has a bunch of locations including Villa Crespo, Palermo, etc.

    For Ashtanga, check out They’re in Palermo Soho.

    Ashtanga House in Palermo Hollywood offers both ashtanga and vinyassa:

    When I can’t make it to a class, I use this online streaming service called yogaglo. I think it’s fantastic- you can choose the length, type, teachers, level, etc.


  2. cristinar says:

    I’m still just trying to get over my first class!!

  3. I am looking, but I don’t think there is a place in Marsing!

  4. trill says:

    I have been on the lookout for a yoga class, so thanks for putting up this info! I was looking at the Valle Tierra page though and they have sooo many different classes, where does a beginner start?

  5. Kara says:

    DId you try the Bikram here? It’s so much more expensive than the Bikram I did in the States, and I wonder if it’s worth the difference every time I ride by it on the 93.

    Also, I believe Happy Sun now shares its location with Lady Gardens. Sarah gave it two thumbs up and said the classes are very personal.

    • I did try BA Bikram … it was not for me! I used to practice hot power vinyasa in the states, and I was hoping it would be like that – so I was a bit surprised. I’ve heard good things about Happy Sun, I’ll have to check it out asap! Where do you practice?

  6. Hey there, Maas Yoga is awesome! Your first class is always free at any of the locations throughout the city. Certified instructors teach regular classes on AcroYoga, Flow, Hatha Dinámico, Dharma Mittra, Biomecánica, etc. Weekend classes and workshops.

    And now they’re offering 20% off on monthly passes to new students at Villa Crespo location. Discount code: iloveyou. It’s good through mid-June.

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