Feriado Fun at Barrio Chino

Argentina is notorious for its copious amounts of national holidays.  This last week Argentines celebrated the anniversary of their declaration of independence from Spain by eating traditional Argentine foods like locro, and Spanish foods like hot chocolate and churros.

New feriados (holidays) are added every year.  I work with people from the US, and so I don’t take off the Argentine holidays, but rather the standard US holidays.  I often felt envious of all of the extra Argentine days of leisure until someone told me the real reason there are so many national holidays is actually because the government can’t afford to pay government employees for all working days, so they had to add national holidays to save money.

So now when I get a little sad or jealous about the numerous Argentine holidays, I remember that it is a privilege to work, and I shouldn’t feel jealous, but rather blessed for the security of my awesome day job (which I love) and the US economy.

To celebrate Memorial Day Weekend, Meghan and I went on an adventure to Barrio Chino, where we had some delicious chinese food and then explored the exotic grocery stores for imported treats that were a refreshing and colorful change from the standard fare of my neighborhood supermarket.  I brought my camera to practice photography.

Meghan, my gracious and beautiful model poses with a packaged pork product that shares her flashy frames.

“Jellyfish it is so wonderful in taste that” – Couldn’t have said it better myself.

I don’t even know where to start with this one.  Caption contest??

See THE REST of my photos HERE.   Hope everyone had an awesome Memorial Day, or 25 de Mayo!


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2 Responses to Feriado Fun at Barrio Chino

  1. ceci says:

    en realidad, si comparás argentina con otros paises latinoamericanos o europeos no hay tantos feriados, tenemos menos que en brasil o españa, por ej. también menos vacaciones …..y con respecto a lo de “ahorrar plata” no es así, en ningún trabajo (en relación de dependencia) te dejan de pagar (sea del estado o privado) los feriados…….es más, si trabajás un feriado te tienen que pagar doble…(perdón que no escriba en inglés!)

  2. Liam says:

    I agree, a pretty poorly researched post… Understand it is just for fun, but do you really believe that about “afford” to pay. Employees in Argentina are, almost universally, salaried, and not paid by the hour or day, especially talking about government employees.

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