A Dinner Worthy of a Thank You Note: The Hernán Gipponi Restaurant

Dear Senior Gipponi,

Thank you so much for the divine dinner last weekend!  Nora and I had a lovely evening.  We had heard so much about your restaurant after seeing amazing photos and reading rave reviews!  Your delicious pairing courses exceeded our high expectations.

The dining room was very stylish, but nothing could compare to the beautiful plating of your dishes!  The lighting was ideal for photography, which was much appreciated.  This setting was truly an aspiring food-photographer’s ideal meal.  Although I relished the dishes for their photographic subject matter, I should note that the meal was an adventurous treat.  Your combinations of flavors were bold and provoking.

I hope you won’t mind, I played around with the translation of your menu.  I love menu translation, so please let me know if you’d ever like me to translate descriptions of your beautiful culinary creations.

It was nice to meet you.  We will surely be back soon, because your brunch reputation is quite enticing.



Navarro Correas Gourmet Experience

A Pairing Menu

by Hernan Gipponi

Vermouth with French fries

  • Flash fried white fish.  Tender calamari.  Aoli and lemon.
  • Sheep’s milk blue cheese.  Polenta cake.  Rabbit confit.
  • Basque blood sausage two ways.  Apple cider slaw.  Fire roasted red peppers.

Chardonnay and the Catch of the Day

  • 68C Egg.  Crispy bacon.  Chickpea puree.  Fond brun.
  • White fish over creamed mussels.  Roasted artichokes and sweet tomatoes.  Tofu and sesame.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Meat and Sweet

  • Patagonia lamb loin. Roasted sweet potato and beet. Red beet jus. Fennel slaw.
  • Tangerine and goat milk sorbet. Spicy Cordoban peanuts. Jacaratia and honey.

Alegoria Tardio and the Ambrosial Epilogue

  • Quince candy.  Cold lemon cream.  Cinnamon and vanilla génoise.

Hernán Gipponi Restaurant
The Fierro Hotel
Soler 5862 
3220 6800

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