Tapas in Villa Crespo at La Esperanza De Los Ascurra

Despedida (farewell) season is in full swing.  This week it was Sophia’s turn, and we took her out for lunch to console ourselves in oily Spanish tapas at La Esperanza de los Ascurra, a Spanish tapas and vermouth bar in Villa Crespo.

This place had a lot of personality and was decorated with the most unusual art.  The walls were covered in abstract and unframed posters with a point to make, and the tall stools were all uniquely painted.

Alright, but enough of that, we all know everyone reads food blogs for the pictures of food.  We ordered several dishes to share between seven of us.

Spanish Tortilla, which is in my humble opinion the most difficult dish to execute was prepared perfectly: crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside.

A vegetable lasagna was my personal favorite, I highly recommend ordering this dish.

Roasted red peppers soaked in oil and sprinkled with garlic and herbs made for a delicious topping to the fresh baked  basket of warm bread on the table.

Muzzarelitas Gauchitas, or fried breaded mozz slices topped with a creamy tomato sauce – no way that isn’t going to be delicious.

Pollo al aglio – tender bites of chicken in a creamy garlic sauce with crispy cubed potatoes sprinkled with paprika.

After heavy debate we ordered the eggplant – Berejenas Escabeche.


And since we were celebrating our wonderful time with Sophia, short-lived though it may be, we had to have some sugar to sustain her sweet presence to the very last drop.  So we ordered dessert.

Chocolate cake.


Nothing on the menu disappointed, and the service was great too, so I took a picture of our waiter.  I found him quite photogenic.

Definitely check this place out.  Although I was never a fan of Spanish cuisine, Esperanza may have converted me.

La Esperanza De Los Ascurra
Aguirre 526
2058 8313

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6 Responses to Tapas in Villa Crespo at La Esperanza De Los Ascurra

  1. andiperullo says:

    Que ricoooooooo! I’m obsessed with tapas!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    It’s no Denny’s, but it looks pretty good. How was the eggplant?

  3. Alexa says:

    Oooh that tricky Spanish tortilla surfaces again! It all looks so GOOD. I think my favorite has to be the alien deer painting, though.

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