What Is

‘What is love?’  I asked Liam.  It was a question we revisited often.

Liam took a drag of his cigarette and said: ‘What IS?’

Yeah, man.  I don’t know.

We looked out at the view of the park in front of us.  It was pretty.

‘I like those trees.’  I indicated to a pair of tall palm trees that seemed eye level to the tenth floor balcony view.  I wanted to reach out and grab them.  They seemed so tangible, touchable, yet completely unreachable.  It’s a strange feeling, being eye level with a treetop.

‘I want to fly to them.’  I closed my eyes and imagined being weightless,  lightly lifting myself off the ledge of the balcony, delicately, and gliding across the sky, over the street, and landing on the treetop.

I opened my eyes.  ‘What is, Liam?  What IS?’

I don’t know.  I’m not sure we’re experiencing the same reality.


About MyBeautifulAir

Wherever I go, there I am.
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