The Things I Discovered at TASTE

Buenos Aires Delivery has turned two!  I’ve been a big fan ever since I wrote about them almost a year ago.  Their growth and success have continued and in June they hosted TASTE – an event to say thank you to customers and restaurants.

TASTE featured samples from some of their best and most popular restaurants and was a great chance to learn about some of the awesome new options to break out of your delivery rut.  We sampled delicious new dishes and mingled with expats and locals alike.  I saw and tried some new restaurants that I wouldn’t have otherwise ordered from, but I will now!  Here were my favorites:

Caracas Bar

I am regrettably novice when it comes to Venezuelan cuisine, I discovered when I tasted a delicious mini arepa.  Can’t wait to try this again.

Green Monster

This place rocks!  Their food is super natural, vegetarian, fresh and loaded with veg – the way food should be.  They have super delicious hummus and their sandwiches are killer.  At TASTE I sampled a mini veggie burger topped with pesto.

Nazca Peru

If you haven’t had Peruvian food, you should.  It’s crazy, fresh and colorful.

Atlanta Wings

High on the list of most missed expat foods are chicken wings: spicy, crispy, succulent wings.  Atlanta solves the problem and serves them up hot.  The whole restaurant is dedicated completely to wings.

Top it

While most kids got ice cream, we were all about the frozen yogurt at my house.  I don’t think I could survive BA without knowing there is good, natural frozen yogurt to be had.  Top It is a favorite, the salsa maracuya is so good!

Any other good places I missed?   TASTE was an awesome event – what a huge turnout!

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2 Responses to The Things I Discovered at TASTE

  1. Alexa says:

    What an amazing event! I still have the fondest memories for BA Delivery. I swear I brag about it everywhere I go. “No, really, we got veggie burgers, alcohol, AND ice cream delivered to our house.” I wish they had done this for their 1 year anniversary, too!

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