NOLAChef Gets It Poppin’

Thursday afternoons in Palermo Soho are officially my favorite, thanks to NOLAChef making my life a little bit spicier with her pop-up restaurant in Tout le Monde Cafe, on Gurruchaga!

If you’re wondering what that means, a pop-up is when a chef takes over a restaurant for a day.  NOLA is the culinary nom-du-couteau of Liza Puglia, a fusion chef who blends the Creole flavors of her New Orleans upbringing with the bright colors and flavors of Mexican cuisine to create dishes executed in perfect French culinary form.

Whether slow cooking a gumbo or pazole, her favorite Mexican stew, she loves developing flavor and harmony in her dishes and revealing simplicity and freshness by using as minimal ingredients.  She is a true believer in the power that comes from nourishing bodies with natural goodness.  Liza cooks to enhance moods and is all about spreading positive energy through her cooking!

Her Mexican themed pop-up menu rocks!

Colorful veggie tacos:

Torta del res with a spicy jalapeño of awesomeness:

SUPER fresh, creamy guac:

And tons of other goodies to be had, including a blueberry-ginger margarita, for those of you who don’t have to return to the office ….

But the most exciting part is that Liza will be opening a new closed door restaurant!  NOLA will open doors mid-July to host Saturday night dinners with wine pairings for intimate ten seat dinners.  A closed door, unlike a pop-up, is small dinner party  hosted in the home of a chef.   Her menu will showcase her french background and many flavors and popular dishes from the South, such as gumbo, bisques, jambalaya, etouffee, grits and blackened fish, with touches of Mexican flavors added to some dishes.  The meal will be paired with wines selected by her own, personal sommelier (aka boyfriend).

So. Excited.  Can’t. Handle. It.

Liza blogs about cooking tips on her awesome blog, where she creates amazing inventions like Pecan Pesto, so check her out online or in-person on Thursday!

Nola Pop-Up
Tout le Monde Cafe
Gurruchaga 1417
Thursdays from 3 – 8pm

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3 Responses to NOLAChef Gets It Poppin’

  1. Awesome experience, thanks Liza.

  2. whaleshark says:

    Wow, their food looks delicious. I would like to try their vegie tacos, it looks very yummy.Thanks for sharing your great experienced.

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