I don’t know what it’s all about yet.

This is the blog of an expatriated Yanqui living in Buenos Aires.  I write about my life, Buenos Aires points of interests, expat businesses, tourist attractions, restaurant reviews, recipes and anything that inspires me.

Contact me at mybeautifulair@gmail.com

Photo courtesy of Amelia McGoldrick Photography.  

17 Responses to About

  1. Hi Vina,
    You are a terrific writer. It is nice you are having such a wonderful experience. We could have used you in the Hermitage and Louvre. We look forward to seeing you in December.
    Have you been to Sr. Tango yet or Quierandi?
    Grandpa and Sherry

  2. Paul says:

    Yes you are an amazing writer . I wish I could write as well as you !

  3. Zack says:

    Hi I really enjoyed your site…. Funny and informative. I’ll be in BA for 6 weeks in October (Abasto). A tour or just a non bubble bursting Starbucks experience might be grand!

  4. stacy says:

    Vina, this is so cool! I had no idea this is what you’ve been doing. I love your blog, I will be following it from now on.

  5. Duane Storey says:

    Hi! I bounced this way from your profile on TravelBuddy. I’ll heading to Buenos Aires in January from the Vancouver, Canada area. If you’re up for grabbing a comida sometime or a beer, let me know!

  6. Chris Stone says:

    Nice job on the entire site! I like your comida section of recipes! Chimichurri y empanadas……. cebolla y queso es mi favorito!!! o una panceta…. this one was hard to find I’m trying to remember the name of the place. I know it’s on Larrea y Juncal in between French and Juncal. man i miss the place. hope all is well for you

    • thanks chris!! that place we went w Dustin downtown was pretty good!

      • Chris Stone says:

        Don’t know if I ever even saw a name for that place…..It’s on Esmeralda entre de Corrientes and Lavalle on the side of the street closest to Puerto Madero. Also, Guarana is the best drink in Brasil!

  7. Vina-
    “There was nothing glorious about the life of a drinker or the life of a writer.”
    — Charles Bukowski (Hot Water Music)

  8. This is a beautifully written “about” page. Good luck with your stay in BA. I hope you find all that you are searching for.

  9. Mildly Entertained says:

    Jealous of your travels! And, yes, “I don’t know what it’s all about yet” can be applied to so many things.

  10. Awesome first line and gorgeous picture!

  11. Ninay says:

    The posts about food and recipes are so great I could die of drooling over it. “Mouthwatering” is an understatement. Thank you for having us here with your beautiful and interesting blog. 🙂

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