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Argentines at the Gym

I have yet to meet an Argentine that doesn’t work out.  Here are some Argentine youtube videos, which are fitness parodies that to me are very evocative of the Argentine gym experience, for your amusement: If you’re looking to get … Continue reading

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Remember THIS video of Argentine President Cristina Kirchner? I just found the remix.  Thought I’d share.

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5 Youtube Videos Making Me Laugh Lately

5. Baby Monkey 4. Oregon Trail – The Movie 3. Sexy Sax Man 2. Little Wings 1. Jerry The Great Bonus!  Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

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The Joy of Teaching English

The joy of teaching English is making fun of your students. Now, usually, I try not to do this in front of them. But my students would tell you that I’ve laughed uncontrollably at their pronunciation …. more than once. … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Musical Youtube Videos

Yes, I know, this has absolutely nothing to do with Buenos Aires.  But the other day I was trying to find a list of funny youtube videos (because I don’t want to search for them myself!) and I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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Seen in the Grocery Store

Found in my grocery store: Lucchetti Box Rice: Diana Ross Flavored Just what you need to make your meal Supremely awesome: Diana Ross inspired rice? To explain (as much as I can anyway, to be honest, I’m baffled/amused): Ross pronounced … Continue reading

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Chayanne TORERO

I think its official, I’m a fan. Maybe you saw my previous post about Chayanne’s music video ‘Boca’.  I posted it because I thought it was irresistibly silly.  But the more Chayanne music videos that I watch on youtube, the … Continue reading

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Because There is Only SO Much Steak a Person Can Eat…

I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of cooks in the world: those who follow a recipe to create something specific, and those who look in the fridge to see what they can scrounge up and … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Things About The Subte

Subte is the Argentine word for Subway.  Here is the Buenos Aires Subte Map: 5.  Mercado Libre (free market) Do you ever think, ‘hmmm, I really could use a new pair of socks, but I don’t have time to go … Continue reading

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Chocolate Rain

I’m not quite sure that this would fly in the good old US of A … Translation:  What are you talking about Willy?  Try your coffee with chocolate – white or black.

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