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Night Clicker Photo Tour in Lively Las Cañitas!

Last week I attended an expedition to photograph the nightlife in Las Cañitas with Amelia McGoldrick of PhotoClicker fame! Amelia, fun tour guide and resource-full teacher of photography, provides a set of creative clues to capture while exploring.  After getting … Continue reading

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Palo Borracho

What November made purple, February turned pink. Affection for my view is gratitude for my camera.

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Day Clicker Photo Tours!

Tourism and photography go hand-in-hand.  Buenos Aires is one of the most photogenic cities in the world with it’s street art, beautiful architecture and lively street fairs. Photographer Amelia McGoldrick was inspired by the city on a visit here last … Continue reading

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A Porcelain Teacup of Happiness at Felicidad

Felicidad is Spanish for Happiness. Joy. Cheer. Satisfaction. I met up with Amelia McGoldrick of Day Clicker Photo Tours last Friday to share a cup of tea at Felicidad in Las Cañitas.   Amelia had recommended the place and when I … Continue reading

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World Music Photography Tour Starts in BA!

I received an email about an interesting project the other day …. The email was from James Goulden, a Dublin, Ireland based music photographer.  James has been photographing bands for the past ten years for both Irish and international press.  He … Continue reading

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5 Normal Things I Wouldn’t Do as a Tourist in Buenos Aires

Coming to a new culture made me realize some of the norms that I took for granted.  Here is some advice if you’re thinking about touring BA: 5. Drive When I visited Chile in August with my parents, my Dad … Continue reading

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A Winter Day in San Telmo

Sundays are dead in Buenos Aires, with the wonderful exception of the San Telmo Street Fair.  Alive with tourists, artisans, antiques and electric tango, this fair can keep you entertained for hours.  Booths and tables with vendors line both sides … Continue reading

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