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Argentines at the Gym

I have yet to meet an Argentine that doesn’t work out.  Here are some Argentine youtube videos, which are fitness parodies that to me are very evocative of the Argentine gym experience, for your amusement: If you’re looking to get … Continue reading

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Nothing Typical at Café San Juan

Variety seeking gourmet diners will suffer greatly in Buenos Aires. However the situation became much less dire for this foodie upon the enlightening discovery of Café San Juan. Deep in the heart of San Telmo, on a lonely Avenue that … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Things To Do In San Telmo

San Telmo has a special old charm, that for me defines the romantic, alluring spirit of Buenos Aires.  The neo-classical facades of antique buildings are crumbling, only becoming even more magical and beautiful.  The most vividly abstract and surreal graffiti … Continue reading

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A Taste Of The Mediterranean, As Far Away As That May Be

A Sunday stroll through San Telmo led Lucas and me to Habibi, my favorite place for Mediterranean food in Buenos Aires. Both Lucas and I love Middle Eastern food, so we were excited.  Arabian food is particularly popular in Buenos Aires, and … Continue reading

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Tango y Futbol

Argentina’s two great prides and passions and Tango and Futbol. You would think that it would be hard to combine those pastimes, but this video proves otherwise. Thanks Lauren for the link!

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Charity Concert at Bar Gitano

Sunday I went with my girlfriends to Gitano – a popular expat bar in San Telmo – to see a concert fundraising money for a charity (which one – no one said …). The service was terrible but the music … Continue reading

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San Telmo Shokudo

Until recently, I was not so excited about sushi in Buenos Aires, which usually consists of simple salmon rolls or nigiri. On Wednesday night I tried Shokudo and my faith in Buenos Aires Sushi has been restored! San Telmo Shokudo … Continue reading

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A Winter Day in San Telmo

Sundays are dead in Buenos Aires, with the wonderful exception of the San Telmo Street Fair.  Alive with tourists, artisans, antiques and electric tango, this fair can keep you entertained for hours.  Booths and tables with vendors line both sides … Continue reading

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Matilda’s Bakery

July 20th is Friends Day in Argentina!  The day is set aside to spend time with friends.  I met up with my friend Jules at Matilda’s – a small restaurant and bakery in San Telmo. We had coffee and I … Continue reading

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