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Batata Rellena Con Huevo

Brooke uncovered a blog recipe treasure and passed along the post for An Idaho Sunrise Egg Stuffed Potatoes.  I found it to be a particularly clever recipe and set out to replicate it.  It is essentially scrambled eggs with veggies … Continue reading

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Another Blog Tribute to My Verduleria

I know …. I talk a lot about my verduleria.  Because honestly, I love it. There are three different fruit stands that I frequent, but of course I have my favorite.  Its run by Marli and her husband, and their … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Things that I Love about Buenos Aires – Food

I often focus too much on the negative in Buenos Aires.  While it is a truly unique city, it hasn’t captured my heart the way other cities, like Athens, Rome and Seattle have.  Sure, it may not be my paradise, … Continue reading

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