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Kid’s Night at Chef Max’s Supper Club

I love the concept of a closed door restaurant.  I’m a fan of dinner parties in general.  The closed door restaurant takes the treat of a memorable meal, the company of a superb party and creates a sense of community … Continue reading

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Arkakaó – A Recoleta Treasure

Arkakao is a charming treasure to be found in the loveliest neighborhood of Recoleta.  I know Palermo is all the rage, and most people want to live there, but I don’t think any part of Buenos Aires can compare to … Continue reading

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Argentines at the Gym

I have yet to meet an Argentine that doesn’t work out.  Here are some Argentine youtube videos, which are fitness parodies that to me are very evocative of the Argentine gym experience, for your amusement: If you’re looking to get … Continue reading

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The Dream Itinerary

Spending six days in Buenos Aires?  This is what I would do. Day one. Assuming it was Tuesday and assuming you’d just arrived after a grueling red eye flight, why not start your trip off right with some spa treatments … Continue reading

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Milion – Haunted Recoleta Mansion

Of all the bars in Buenos Aires, I have one favorite.  In fact this bar is so good that I have no need for any other.  It is called Bar Milion, and it is a beautiful bar and restaurant converted … Continue reading

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Princess Tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel

Princess Andrea and Princess Vina took high tea together at the Alvear Palace Hotel in Recoleta. I’ve always been one for stuffy hotels and the Alvear Palace is impossible to beat.  I love the way my heels clack when walking … Continue reading

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Mate in the Park

Sunny Saturdays and Sundays are best spent perusing the Recoleta Fair, appreciating all of the hand crafted arts and crafts, and taking a mate on the grass.  So for Clare’s last weekend, that is exactly what we did.

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La Recoleta Cemetery

Possibly the most amazing sight in the city is Recoleta Cemetery, the finally resting place of many a famous Porteño, most notably Eva Peron.  (Although urban-legend has it that her body has been secretly removed.) Very different from our plot-like American … Continue reading

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