Argentines at the Gym

I have yet to meet an Argentine that doesn’t work out.  Here are some Argentine youtube videos, which are fitness parodies that to me are very evocative of the Argentine gym experience, for your amusement:

If you’re looking to get juiced in a local gym, here are some recommendations:

Megatlon – Fully equipped gym with classes in Spanish, pools, locations across the city.

Signum Fitness – A good, smaller gym in the Recoleta area.

Boot Camp Buenos Aires – If you need an intense shape up and like working out outside.

Maori Pilates -Pilates reformer classes in Spanish, with locations in Recoleta and Palermo

Buena Onda Yoga – Yoga classes in English with locations around the city, including San Telmo.

Bikram Yoga Buenos Aires.  Hot Yoga ala Bikram in Palermo with noon classes in English.


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3 Responses to Argentines at the Gym

  1. Alexa says:

    This post is too fabulous! Scarily accurate, too.

  2. Paul Strobl says:

    That cracked me up! I find the neighborhood gyms here cramped and pretty filthy, which is why I’m glad you mentioned Megatlon and Boot Camp. Sport Club is another chain, the main competitor of Megatlon, though the only problem is the one year membership with automatic charging to your credit card…but then I guess that’s no worse that Bally’s in the states.

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