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Five Favorite Devendra Banhart Songs

Devendra Banhart.  What a name.  What beautiful music. I don’t think they’ve coined the genre yet, so I vote for “Avante-Folk Spanglish Tone Poetry“.  – Brindo  – Quedate Luna  – Seahorse  – Hey Mama Wolf  – Freely Bonus:  – La Pastorcita Perdida

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More Hair Than Wit

Is it just me, or do Porteñas have really nice hair?  Forgive the stereotype. Every day I see shiny heads of impossibly long, healthy, radiant hair.  It makes me think of the mythological locks of the princesses in old fairytale books … Continue reading

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Picasso Says

I needed an excuse to post this picture, so enjoy this random post. The cover picture for MyBeautifulAir is a painting by Picasso, as he will always be my favorite artist, along with all of my other favorite artists.  Picasso … Continue reading

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Skye Lucking and the Seuss/Escher Lovechild Debut

Artist Skye Lucking debuted her KickStarter Art Project last weekend at Reserve! You may recall Skye’s adventure in crowd funding for the arts with her Kickstarter project in May.  It was an adventure in the changing world of an online … Continue reading

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Play I Some Music, Just Like a Mighty Dread

I wave at a taxi turning onto Las Heras from the other side of the crosswalk.  The driver  stalls and smiles at me as I cross the street, walking behind the car and opening the passenger-side backseat door.  I tell … Continue reading

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Home Hotel – Let’s Move In

I love Palermo’s boutique hotel culture!  The city is full of smaller, personalized hotel treasures so lovely that I almost feel sad living here, because the boutique culture is part of what makes Buenos Aires is such a great vacation … Continue reading

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Strawberry + Marshmallow

Weird food combinations are the spice of life.  So when a dear friend muled me a bag of marshmallows back from the States, I grabbed some strawberries (also imported from some tropical country) and got crazy.  Sugary, sticky, fruity, chewy … Continue reading

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Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

Winter is officially here, and I am freezing.  The heating in my apartment leaves warmth to be desired and  I constantly complain that I am freezing to death, but just to put this in perspective, it is sunny and I … Continue reading

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Take Me To Brunch Or Lose Me Forever

Here’s something about me: I don’t like going to the same restaurant twice, but I make exceptions for worthy invitations. Dean suggested Olsen for brunch, but let me make the ultimate decision.  I suggested ten other restaurants, which we google … Continue reading

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Charlie’s Rummy B.A.-nanas Foster

I’m struggling to find the words that could dignify this dessert.  Alas, they are beyond me. Rummy B.A.-nanas Foster A recipe by Charles Lucking. Ingredients 1 cup butter 1 cup dark brown sugar 2 cups rum 2 teaspoons vanilla extract … Continue reading

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