Home Hotel – Let’s Move In

I love Palermo’s boutique hotel culture!  The city is full of smaller, personalized hotel treasures so lovely that I almost feel sad living here, because the boutique culture is part of what makes Buenos Aires is such a great vacation destination.

Home Hotel in Palermo Hollywood was devised by a couple who, after hosting international visitors for their wedding, were inspired to create the type of hotel they would want their closest friends and family to enjoy when visiting.  They created a hotel to be an extension of the hospitality and comfort they would offer in their own home, and named it accordingly.

The stylishly furnished Home Hotel offers far more amenities than most personal homes including a cozy restaurant, spa, fully stocked bar, a gorgeous manicured lawn with a pretty pool, and best of all, turn down service.  I was ready to move in, but then I remembered – I already have a home in Buenos Aires.

Brunch, however, was allowed.  Photo credit again belongs to Dean Debonair and the Notable Nikon.

The menu was brief, and stuck to the essentials of homestyle comfort food like burgers and huevos rancheros.

And the dessert de la casa is the alluring apple crumble.

For travelers looking for a home away from home, or brunchers looking for a Sunday morning escape, Home Hotel is the destination.

Home Hotel
Honduras 5860
4778 1008

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6 Responses to Home Hotel – Let’s Move In

  1. andiperullo says:

    This is one of my most favorite hotel’s in the world! I’ve done several write ups about it too!!! AWESOME pics!

  2. Karen says:

    Lovely hotel and lovely meal… just wondering if you were compensated in any way for the review? (money, free meal, free night’s stay, etc) Thanks in advance!

  3. A New Bike says:

    http://m.homebuenosaires.com/prices.php these prices don’t make any sense. They’re like hostel prices.

  4. Patricia O´Shea says:

    HI, I am the owner of Home Hotel. I thank “my beautiful air” for a lovely review of our brunch and congratulate her for a great blog.
    Just to clarify on New Bikes comments: the link you have posted is to be used on smart phones (mobile site), you seem to be looking at it from a computer, therefore you are not viewing it correctly. I am confused how this could happen as our sites recognizes the device you are searching us from and directs you to either site. Unless you wrote that address or copied the link of the mobile site into your internet browser on your computer, in which case you are looking at the wrong site on the incorrect format.
    Science bit over, I take the opportunity to post the correct link to our full website: http://www.homebuenosaires.com/EN/index.
    Patricia O´Shea

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