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Safety tips for travelers


When I mentioned to people that I had never been robbed in Buenos Aires – I always got the same response – a smirky cast of the eyes to the side, a laugh and a simple response; ‘No, you haven’t … Continue reading

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Going To The Hospital In Spanish

The title of this post may sound silly, but anyone who has experienced this will understand. Going to the doctor was something I took for granted in the USA.  Growing up I was a patient of whatever doctor my parents … Continue reading

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5 Normal Things I Wouldn’t Do as a Tourist in Buenos Aires

Coming to a new culture made me realize some of the norms that I took for granted.  Here is some advice if you’re thinking about touring BA: 5. Drive When I visited Chile in August with my parents, my Dad … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Hate-able Things About Flying

I disdain air travel.  I hate everything about it.  If taking a boat or a train were a viable option, I would give up flying all together.  I cannot say that I have ever had a pleasant flying experience.  At … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Ways to Get Robbed

5. Pull out your iphone on the subway and start speaking English. Even if no one suspected it before, when you start speaking English…they know.  They know you are a foreigner, and people inclined to rob will feel less guilty … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Things Taxi Drivers Do

  5. Fake out! Taxi drivers especially are known for aiding the circulation of counterfeit bills.  Try to use smaller bills to pay, so receiving counterfeit change can be avoided.  Learn how to identify fake bills by the paper and … Continue reading

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All About the Bag

Someone stealing your purse.  Doesn’t it seem like the oldest cliché? This unoriginal type of attack can certainly happen on all corners of the earth to purse carriers young and old.  In Buenos Aires however, I would take extra precautions … Continue reading

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