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10 Favorite Corners of the Earth

I’ve been lucky to have see the world from the vantage point of multiple locations.  I started traveling at a young age and have yet to stop and my wanderlust and curiosity for the world were encouraged by my parents, … Continue reading

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Holiday Festivities

I spent Christmas last year in Buenos Aires with my family, who travelled to visit me.  As it was summer in a foreign country our typical holiday traditions were not practiced.  Being back for the Christmas season this year has … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Digestive Survival Tips

Since my first week in Argentina, I´ve been having a little problem. Actually, a terrible problem.  Digestive issues.  These problems have cost me days of discomfort, a phobia of being without access to a bathroom, and even a trip to … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Drinks of Brazil

I spent a perfectly relaxing week in Brazil with my family.  We saw the sights and drank the drinks!  Here were my highlights: 5. Caipirinha Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil, which I find perfectly appropriate.  It is refreshing … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Things about a Day Trip to Colonia

A day trip to Colonia is a very popular solution for renewing tourist visas.  Expats, long stay tourists and study abroad students alike make a ‘Colonia Run’ every ninety days to get a fresh passport stamp.  Should you overstay your … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Hate-able Things About Flying

I disdain air travel.  I hate everything about it.  If taking a boat or a train were a viable option, I would give up flying all together.  I cannot say that I have ever had a pleasant flying experience.  At … Continue reading

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