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5 Things That Still Shock Me – Even After a Year and a Half

Time flies when you’re living in South America.  I got a huge, slap in the face culture shock when I arrived to Buenos Aires, and it took a long time to adjust to the sting.  Even after having spent over … Continue reading

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Hurlingham Polo Tournament

Polo, the ‘Sport of Kings’ is still a popular pastime in Argentina. There is surely no better place to find a Prince than a polo match!  Off we trotted to Hurlingham to see the Polo Match.  Semi Finals actually! I … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Plastic Surgery Enthusiasts

I was zapping (Argentine for channel surfing) through the TV channels over the weekend, and stopped on a program similar to ‘Dancing with the Stars’.  I was absolutely shocked by how much bad plastic surgery you can see on TV, … Continue reading

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Chocolate Rain

I’m not quite sure that this would fly in the good old US of A … Translation:  What are you talking about Willy?  Try your coffee with chocolate – white or black.

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