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Play I Some Music, Just Like a Mighty Dread

I wave at a taxi turning onto Las Heras from the other side of the crosswalk.  The driver  stalls and smiles at me as I cross the street, walking behind the car and opening the passenger-side backseat door.  I tell … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Argentine Love Songs

Love is in the air long after Valentines Day.  Here are a few love songs that I’m singing along with ….  ps – these aren’t necessarily by Argentine artists, but all can be heard on the radio in Buenos Aires. … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Musical Youtube Videos

Yes, I know, this has absolutely nothing to do with Buenos Aires.  But the other day I was trying to find a list of funny youtube videos (because I don’t want to search for them myself!) and I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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World Music Photography Tour Starts in BA!

I received an email about an interesting project the other day …. The email was from James Goulden, a Dublin, Ireland based music photographer.  James has been photographing bands for the past ten years for both Irish and international press.  He … Continue reading

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Chayanne TORERO

I think its official, I’m a fan. Maybe you saw my previous post about Chayanne’s music video ‘Boca’.  I posted it because I thought it was irresistibly silly.  But the more Chayanne music videos that I watch on youtube, the … Continue reading

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Love Song

I was never one for love songs, but Tito El Bambino’s poetic lyrics have captured my heart and converted me into a quasi-romantic. Enjoy Tito’s ludicrous gestures, and overpowering brass in this very sweet love song. Here are translated lyrics: … Continue reading

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