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Feria de las Pulgas

If you don’t stalk my Facebook Page (you should) then you probably wouldn’t know that I just moved.  When I arrived in Argentina I was quite mobile with my solitary suitcase and my jansport, but during my fifth round of BA … Continue reading

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5 Favorite places to buy English books in Buenos Aires

Article by Brennan Lake. Sorry, Ateneo didn’t make the list. Forrest Gump might have said “Life is like a book store in Buenos Aires.”  For a city that abounds with bookstores, it can be surprisingly hard to find what you … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Fashion. Let’s Get Shopping Already.

Coming to Buenos Aires to do some shopping?  Well let’s cut right to the chase and get to the good stuff.  Here are my five favorite stores for women’s fashion in Buenos Aires. 5. Rapsodia Heavy on wild patterns and … Continue reading

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5 Favorite Things I Just Don’t Understand

Dear Porteños, Try as I might, I just don’t understand you, and I’ve been wondering: 5. Is That Your Real Nose? Walking around Buenos Aires, you might wonder why everyone is covered in bandages.  With socialized medicine making plastic surgery … Continue reading

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Another Blog Tribute to My Verduleria

I know …. I talk a lot about my verduleria.  Because honestly, I love it. There are three different fruit stands that I frequent, but of course I have my favorite.  Its run by Marli and her husband, and their … Continue reading

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A Day in Palermo Viejo

In my mind there are two different worlds in Buenos Aires – Capital, and Palermo.  Sometimes they feel as different as night and day.  I live in Capital, and when I get a craving for glamour – I go to … Continue reading

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