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Chan Chan Cocina Peruana

Not going to Peru?  You should still try Peruvian food! A refreshing, almost exotic retreat from the ‘carbs and carne’ dominated Argentine cuisine; Chan Chan is a great place to get a taste of delicious Peruvian cuisine. Chan Chan’s colorful … Continue reading

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Cusco, Peru – Photo Highlights of an Unforgettable Visit

I spent a week in Cusco, Peru with my family in December, 2010.  It was the first time we had all been together in a year, and it was a wonderful reunion. Peru was a fantastic country to visit.  Peru … Continue reading

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A Peruvian Meal to Remember

Driving through the Valle Sagrada, tucked up among the high mountains of Peru, we stopped for lunch at an amazing hotel.  In front of the hotel was a stable, so we were greeted by beautiful horses as we made our … Continue reading

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Osaka Yuku: Peruvian Japanese Flavor Tango

If you’re looking for a unique and expensive meal, try Osaka Yuku, Palermo’s Peruvian Japanese fusion restaurant.  Yuku’s inventive chefs take traditional Peruvian ingredients and prepare them with Japanese methods.  As expected, the results are delicious. For an appetizer, Blair … Continue reading

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La Tormenta de Santa Rosa

The weather reports had been predicting rain all weekend.  Skies were overcast, and the wind blew fiercely but the rain held off until Tuesday, when fog covered the city and rain bursted forth from the sky, nearly drowning me as … Continue reading

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