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Nothing Typical at Café San Juan

Variety seeking gourmet diners will suffer greatly in Buenos Aires. However the situation became much less dire for this foodie upon the enlightening discovery of Café San Juan. Deep in the heart of San Telmo, on a lonely Avenue that … Continue reading

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Empanadas de Espinaca

These empanadas are simple, and delicious.  A good meatless option. Ingredients: 12 empanada pastry sheets 1 package frozen spinach 3 tablespoons of sour cream 1 large green onion, minced 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese salt and pepper to taste Directions: In a … Continue reading

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A Natural Lunch at b-Blue

Remember that time I went for cupcakes for a coworker’s birthday?  Well I should have mentioned that we all shared a lovely wholesome meal beforehand at Palermo’s lovely natural bar and deli: b-Blue. I’d walked past this place many a … Continue reading

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CBC: Where This Expat Goes When She Is Hungry for TexMex

When people ask me what I miss most about the USA (friends and family aside) my answer is quick and decisive.  MEXICAN FOOD.  Isn’t that a little ironic?  Well I don’t know…I never really understood irony. I would just love … Continue reading

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A Taste Of The Mediterranean, As Far Away As That May Be

A Sunday stroll through San Telmo led Lucas and me to Habibi, my favorite place for Mediterranean food in Buenos Aires. Both Lucas and I love Middle Eastern food, so we were excited.  Arabian food is particularly popular in Buenos Aires, and … Continue reading

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Seen in the Grocery Store

Found in my grocery store: Lucchetti Box Rice: Diana Ross Flavored Just what you need to make your meal Supremely awesome: Diana Ross inspired rice? To explain (as much as I can anyway, to be honest, I’m baffled/amused): Ross pronounced … Continue reading

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